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Medical GasES – High Quality, Reliable Delivery

Depke Gases & Welding Supplies offers high-quality medical gases delivered reliably and on time that are critical for healthcare providers. We supply to hospitals, dentists clinics, veterinarians, or any other profession that requires anesthetic or other medical gas. We can provide the gas you require to safely and effectively treat your patients.

If you are purchasing medical gas or refilling a cylinder, we are committed to delivering them on time each and every time.

Medical Gases

We provide medical gases to the following industries:

–  Hospitals
–  Clinics
–  Nursing Homes
–  Dentists
–  Home Health Providers
–  EMS & Ambulances
–  Medical & Dental Laboratories
–  Medical Suppliers
–  Physicians
–  Plastic Surgeons
–  Urgent Care Centers
–  Veterinarians

Depke Gases & Welding Supplies – We’ve got medical gas


Oxygen and Liquid Oxygen U.S.P.

High quality medical grade oxygen is essential to patient respiration and combustion for many industries, including health, dental and veterinary care. Oxygen is multi-purpose medical gas and is available in a variety of supply options.

Nitrous Oxide U.S.P.

Medical-grade nitrous oxide is used in combination with other gases for anesthesia production for medical and dental procedures. It is available in a variety of supply options.

Carbon Dioxide and Liquid Carbon Dioxide U.S.P.

Carbon Dioxide is used for laparoscopic procedures, as it expands and stabilizes body cavities for improved visibility.

Nitrogen and Liquid Nitrogen N.F.

Nitrogen is used as a source of pressure to operate pneumatic surgical equipment.  It is also used as a displacement against other gases in sterile or oxidizing environments.  Liquid nitrogen is used by dermatologists to treat certain conditions. It can also be used to preserve items that must be frozen at extremely low temperatures.

Medical Air U.S.P.

            Used is respiratory therapy to control humidity.

Medical Gas Mixtures   

Therapy Gases –

Heliox – Helium and Oxygen

Medical Device Gases

Lung Diffusion Mixes – for pulmonary function studies

Medical Laser Gas Mixtures

Blood Gas Analysis

Aerobic Incubation Mixtures – CO2, O2 and N2

Anaerobic Incubation Mixtures – CO2, H2 and N2

In addition to the gases listed above, we provide a wide variety of high-purity specialty gases for your specific application. Give us a call to learn more!

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